“MOMMY WAS A COMMIE” is a song that Scott and Micah’s band Strife (fka Fist Music) play at the Sound of Music in Chapter Five of NEVER DIVIDED. It’s a tongue-in-cheek song that also serves as a tribute to Scott’s family’s proud history of political dissent, as well as to those many of Scott’s friends who are Red Diaper Babies—i.e. children of card carrying members of the American Communist Party. All in all, it’s a reminder of a time before the Cold War when being a communist was just one of a a number of legitimate political choices open to American citizens and not a cause for condemnation or persecution.

Mommy was a commie

And now I’m a commie too

And if you knew my mom

She’d make a commie out of you

She taught me not to sell myself

For blood or for gold

And to never underestimate

The value that I hold

Mommy was a commie

And on this I cannot lie

She became a target of

The local F.B.I.

They broke into our house one night

When we were not at home

They tore up all of our books

And they tapped our telephone

The way they treated mommy

You would think it was a crime

To question authority

And value your own time

She taught me that a commie

Was a noble thing to be

And to never compromise

My honor and integrity

(C) Copyright 1983, Fist Music Publishing