In his first novel, Please Don’t Be Waiting For Me, Todd Stadtman introduced us to Scott, Bridge, Benny, and Micah, a tightknit band of teenage punk rockers trying to track down the murderer of their friend in the face of staggering indifference from the San Francisco Police Department. In that book’s follow-up, So Good It’s Bad, set in 1981, the group’s bond is tested again when they have to rescue Scott from a psychotic family who are holding him hostage in a remote part of Nevada.

Now, with Never Divided, the last book in his SF Punk Trio, Stadtman moves the action forward to 1984, when San Francisco was taken over by the Democratic National Convention and the thousands of protesters who took to the streets in opposition to the policies of President Ronald Reagan and the Democrat’s perceived ineffectiveness in combating them. This time, the group’s efforts to clear Micah of a false charge of assaulting a police officer puts them on the wrong side of a criminal gang of corrupt cops working inside the SFPD. As a result, they find themselves hunted throughout the dark corners of Nocturnal San Francisco in a tale that, like its predecessors, is every bit as terrifying and exciting as it is unexpectedly hilarious.

Praise for the SF Punk Trio

“Captures the unique, bitter pathos—and dark comedy—of a vanished world: Bay Area youth culture at the dawn of the Reagan era.”

-Andrew O’Hehir, Executive Editor, SALON.COM

“A slamming séance summoning early Eighties San Francisco, a never-never land of mosh pits, thrift shopping, divorced dads, police raids, and white punks on dope.”

-Grady Hendrix, Author of MY BEST FRIEND’S EXORCISM

“SO GOOD IT’S BAD is absolutely electrifying. Stadtman cranks up the suspense he created so skillfully in Please Don’t Be Waiting for Me, but this time he latches on and doesn’t let up for 250 pages.


“Gritty and engaging.”


“Captures the fun, desperation, grime, confusion, and joy of being a teen punk weirdo.”

-Keith Allison, TELEPORT CITY

TODD STADTMAN is a musician-turned-author whose other books include Funky Bollywood: The Wild World of 1970s Indian Action Cinema, which was published by FAB Press in 2015. He is also the author of the blog Die, Danger, Die, Die, Kill! and a regular contributor to the perennial cult cinema website Teleport City. In writing the SF Punk Trio, he drew heavily on his experiences as a teenage punk musician in the early days of the San Francisco new wave scene. He currently lives in Oakland, California.